Droom Soft is a fast-growing developer team and a privately held company specializing in the design and development of software for mobile devices, utilities, games and themes.

About Us

We provides applications for mobile devices based on creative ideas from people like you. We aim to provide quality applications and exceptional customer service. We provide simple, steady and ‘Enrich your mobility’ products & service for the clients in the mobile phone. No matter how you value us, we are the company that carrying Mission & Vision all the time, and just as the The Butterfly Effect, we are in the trend of changing the world, making the mobile world better for you and me! Now we see more of this, later you may see more than us!

It’s us, Droom Soft, the sites and the company that serves you!
Our tags are: Passionate, Teamworking, Professional, Young but Experienced, Diverse, Heart-driven, Credit.


Whether its games or applications, Droom Soft is ahead of the pack with innovative ways to interact with your mobile devices.

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We strive to provide the best possible experience in getting you help when you need it.

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